Collection: Dairy & Poultry

We take pride in producing the healthiest dairy & poultry products for you and your family to enjoy. Our cows are milked twice a day, allowing us to inspect each cow for any problems. While milking, the cows enjoy a dairy ration grain that is grown and milled right here in Montana. The dairy ration we use is a SOY FREE and CORN FREE mix. 

During the day the ladies enjoy lounging around their paddock while having access to a grass bale of hay for when ever they choose. 

Our meat chickens are raised in chicken tractors, allowing them to scratch and forage for bugs. They are fed a corn and soy free feed once a day to make sure they are getting enough nutrients for growth.  

Our layer hens have access to 25 acres to scratch and dust bath as they please. They are fed a corn and soy free fed that is grown and processed right here in Montana as well!